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Our location

The Norderwerft shipyard is conveniently located on Reiherstieg in the heart of the Port of Hamburg, the point of departure and arrival for many shipping routes. The transshipment points where ocean-going vessels regularly dock are in the direct vicinity of our approximately 60,000-square-metre shipyard. Apart from Rotterdam, Hamburg is the most important transshipment hub in northern Europe and is easily the most important node in terms of Baltic traffic. Apart from a few feeder routes to the German coast and the British Isles, feeder lines in Hamburg almost exclusively operate transit routes in the Baltic Sea region.

In navigational terms, the shipyard can be accessed by all classes of vessel operated by the German Navy. It has a mean tidal range of 3.50 metres. Pilot and tugboat assistance are available around the clock as required by Hamburg Port Authority (HPA) regulations.

Norderwerft Repair GmbH
Reiherstrasse 20
D-20457 Hamburg

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